Serta Arctic Premier Plush Hybrid

Foundation: No Foundation
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The Serta Arctic Premier Hybrid mattress is the perfect combination of all-night cooling and individualized support. Powered by Serta’s exclusive Reactex® technology, a unique three-part cooling system that pulls heat away from your body and deep into the mattress, so you sleep cool all night long. Underneath layers of premium memory foam, a layer of 2000 individual micro coils, and an advanced coil system work together to gently embrace and support every curve of your body. This mattress has a 14.5" inch depth. If you are looking for your coldest night's sleep, then this is the mattress for you!


Reactex® System - 

Serta’s exclusive Reactex® System consists of three layers of cooling technology. Each cooling layer has more cooling capacity than the previous layer, so heat is pulled away from your body and deeper into the mattress. The result is cool, comfortable sleep all night long. 

Deep Reaction® Max Gel Memory Foam - 

This highly-dense memory foam has both cushioning and conforming qualities for comfortable deep-down support.

CustomFit™ HD Memory Foam - 

Premium, high density memory foam conforms to your body for comfortable support all night long.

Serta® Micro Hybrid Coil™ - 

This is a unique layer of micro-coils designed to work in sync with the memory foam layers around it. As you lie down, these coils closely react to every contour of your body, aiding the transition between relaxing comfort and all-night support.

1025 Hybrid Support™ System with BestEdge® Foam Encasement - 

In this advanced innerspring system, individually wrapped coils work independently to conform to every curve of your body and provide durable support.

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