Tempur-Pedic Pro Breeze Medium Hybrid 2.0

Size: TXL
Foundation: No Foundation
Sale price$4,099.00


The Tempur-ProBreeze line offers cutting edge cooling for all night comfort, proving to stay 5° cooler than other mattresses. This line features a CM+ Material and Original Tempur Material core that creates legendary pressure relieving power and unparalleled motion cancelation. With a 12" profile, the ProBreeze line has a built-in 3-Level Cooling System, with three levels of innovative materials for all-night comfort.

In addition to all that the ProBreeze Medium offers, the Tempur-ProBreeze Medium Hybrid includes 1000+ premium spring coils in the base layer. This creates a slightly softer feel, but more importantly makes it easier to move around, re-position, and get out of bed for those who find it difficult in a solid memory foam mattress.

TEMPUR-CM+™ Comfort Layer

     TEMPUR® Material redesigned with maximum airflow for all-night comfort

Original TEMPUR® Support Layer

     Advanced, all-night adaptability for truly personalized comfort and support

Proprietary Hybrid Technology

     1,000+ premium spring coils provide additional edge support and easier movement

- 90-Night Sleep Trial

- 10-Year Warranty

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